Web & Mobile App Development
with the MEAN Stack

We provide services to global businesses of any size and type in developing efficient & scalable apps for web and mobile platforms.

API Development and Integration
for MEAN stack

We provide services to create secure and robust back-end using APIs and integrate them into existing web ecosystems.

Migrations & Porting to
the MEAN Stack

We provide services to migrate from legacy web frameworks to MEAN stack by re-engineering codebase without data loss.

Performance Improvement for
the MEAN Stack App

We provide performance tuning services along with performance testing for your existing project including tuning of web, application and database layer.

Hire Experienced
MEAN stack developers

We have dedicated experienced professionals. We partner with our clients, so that we can focus on their business objectives while getting maximum ROI.

Support and Maintenance
for MEAN stack

We offer support and maintenance to ensure that your apps work efficiently post deployment and it is operational during peak usage.

MEAN Stack Expertise


  • Cross-platform
  • JSON-like Documents
  • Document-oriented
    NoSQL Database

Express JS

  • Effective Middle Layer
  • Efficient Routing
  • Faster Server side


  • Cross-platform
  • Two-Way Data Binding
  • High Speed & Optimum

Node JS

  • Easy to develop
  • Robust with NoSQL
  • Enhanced Backend

What challenges ARE you facing? Let's solve it together.


WhyChoose us?

Looking for a development partner for your MEAN Stack development needs? Want to expand your MEAN Stack team's skill sets with cutting edge technical expertise? Here's how we can help you;

  • Prototyping and POC Delivery: We help our customers to map their business process into MEAN Stack to help them envision the capability of MEAN Stack product suite.
  • Full-Stack Development Capability: We are a one-stop shop with all-around technical abilities in the area of MEAN Stack mobile and API development, API Integration, Performance tuning.
  • Support and Maintenance: 24x7 support and maintenance services with annual maintenance contracts and customized support solutions.
  • Upgrade and Migration Services: Upgrade your legacy web frameworks to the latest versions of MEAN stack technologies to make sure you are always updated with latest features and security updates.
  • QA & DevOps Support: Get the high quality application performance with a dedicated QA team and DevOps support.


Establishing a relationship with Surekha Technologies is the best way to get a headstart on taking care of your development needs. Over the years, we have worked with clients in multiple countries, including & not limited to the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy & India. We have the flexibility to adjust to your design and development processes while delivering quality work in a timely manner.